-Progressive metal band from the deepest side of Europe-

Yasna is an Italian progressive metal band formed in 2017 by guitarist Andrea Magrofuoco.

Davide De Stefano and the drummer Simone Bombaci, were the first to join the band.

The band's lineup became definitive when Alfredo Cavalieri and the bassist Armando Fiorello

took part in the project.

Starting from the original concept by Andrea, the band evolved and defined itself in terms of sound

throughout the years, giving birth to the their debut album “Twilight Of Idols”, coming out in 2021.

During summer 2020, the band started a crowdfunding campaign, following the release of

"Humankind's Prerogative", single version.

Yasna's sound consist of a solid progressive metal influenced by "old school" heavy,

thrash and groove metal. One of the main feature is the complexity of rhythms and structures.

Melodic and catchy refrains are primary in Yasna's style too.


Twilight of Idols is a complex album, describing path, thoughts and anxieties of the Man who is

going to become the OverMan, the Übermensch Zarathustra, described in F.Nietzsche’s philosophy.

The path goes from relying on a creator that is an eternal and superior figure, going through

the acceptance of a circular reality, until an endless repetition. The consequent void leads to the

turmoils of a howling mind and its inner battles, refusing all the Idols, with the awareness

to be unique and indipendents.

Recorded at LM Studio by Alessio "Lex" Mauro, the album will be mixed and mastered by Christian Ice.

The album, composed of 8 tracks, has been released in November 2021.

Davide De Stefano


Andrea Magrofuoco


Alfredo Cavalieri


Armando Fiorello


Simone Bombaci